Leader in Managing Blood Oxidative Stress

Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS may be the primary cause of multiple health problems including obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, and more.  In the USA, BLOS is responsible for an estimated $800B/year in health care costs.  Keep up to date on News related to BLOS or check out our new blog called BLOS World.

HemaGnosis is committed to developing new technologies and products to manage BLOS and improve human health.  A new blood test, BLOS#, will measure the level of BLOS, which could be used to evaluate dietary changes.  The Low BLOS Life Diet may be the key to reducing BLOS and improving health.  The key difference in this new Diet is the allowance of processed carbohydrates that have no added inorganic sulfur, which is found in thousands of food items.  A new service called BLOS-CHECK provides information on the BLOS Potential of food products by evaluating the UPC barcode. 

HemaGnosis is also interested in working with biotechnology companies interested in coupling the BLOS# test with Genomic and Transcriptomic services to revolutionize Personalized Medicine.

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